With your help, we will make KIBH 91.7 FM, Seward’ s Own, one of Alaska’s most successful community radio stations.

What does your support of KIBH 91.7 accomplish?


  • You are supporting Seward’s only local community radio station.

  • You are contributing to Seward’s Emergency Alert System and the enhanced safety of the Seward community.

  • You are creating a unique space where Seward Locals can come together for the good of the Community through their independently produced programming like SAktown Talk or Market Minute.

  • You are sustaining a format for Seward’s Nonprofit and Civic organizations to share their announcements & community outreach campaigns for the good of all in our community.

  • You are providing entertainment to our local & visiting listeners through sponsored content & music programming

This is a work in progress!

Keep in mind that we are working to receive Corporation for Public Broadcasting certification that will give our KIBH 91.7 station access to additional grant funding as well as access to substantial programming options and content from all over the world for you our Listeners.


With your help we will transform KIBH 91.7, Seward’s Own, into a radio station that is one of Alaska’s most successful community radio stations. With your help we will be able to provide you with all of the local news, sports, & weather, along with local Emergency Alert Notifications and local Emergency Information broadcasts as they happen. Finally, with your help, we will be able to share the best local, national and international programming available today. Together all things are possible.  

How can you help KIBH 91.7 right now?


We are a small group of dedicated Donors & Board members who work together to keep the radio station operating on a daily basis, and we need your help in order to expand our capabilities and reach by filling the following needs:

  • Volunteers

  • CAB (community advisory board)

  • Website Design 

  • Social Media Management

  • Monetary Donations

  • In-Kind Donations

  • A permanent home for our Radio Station from which we can provide a comfortable, professional & inviting environment to produce KIBH 91.7 FM programming in collaboration with local contributors & organizations that originate right here in Seward, Alaska.